A Walk A Day Keeps The Osteopath Away

Our bodies, and in particular the muscles in our bodies, are toned up to do what we normally do. So the classic problem happens when after doing very little all winter we decide to do the whole garden in one go in the spring. Our muscles are just not ready for that level of activity, and so they are not able to support and protect the body and we end up hurting ourselves.

So the way to stay well is to do regular exercise and keep your muscles strong, and walking daily is a good way to do so. That could take the form of specifically making the time for a daily walk, but also we can incorporate it into our day by parking a little bit further from where we are going, or even leaving the car at home and walking to where we are going more often. Some of us of course prefer more vigorous exercise, and as long as that is comfortable while exercising and afterwards, that is also helpful.

If we are going to do something that is more vigorous than usual, it is helpful to build ourselves up to it by gradually increasing our activity levels in the build up to say running a marathon 🙂

The main thing is that we enjoy the activity we do, because the benefits come from exercising regularly over a long period of time, and we are much more likely to do that if we enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “A Walk A Day Keeps The Osteopath Away

  1. Jaine Rose says:

    Thank you Nuno, lovely. And I’m pleased to say that I’m just back from a very wild walk with my sister, by the ocean in Cornwall – lots of hills, up and down, feel very energised and stretched.

    Jaine Rose x


  2. Susanna Birley says:

    Thank you so much, Nuno. I must and will make more effort! Best wishes, Susanna

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