Cost of Treatment

  • FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS               £47   (30-45min.)
  • FIRST APPOINTMENT                             £57   (60-90min.)
  • FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS               £43   (30-45min.)
  • FIRST APPOINTMENT                             £52  (60-90min.)

Follow up appointments last approximately 30-45 minutes. These will involve a brief overview of how you have been since the last visit, any examination and testing needed, and the hands on treatment.

First appointments are normally between 60 and 90 minutes long; The first half of this is a Case History, in which the details about your presenting complaint, your medical and trauma history are explored. The second half of the first consultation is the examination and hands on treatment. Please note that I allow considerably longer for this initial consultation than some osteopaths do; This is so that a full case history can be taken, as well as allowing plenty of time for the examination and treatment (which some colleagues leave until the second appointment).

Treatment for Children and During Pregnancy is provided at a reduced cost, to encourage people to come in and enjoy the benefits of treatment at this important and dynamic time. Please see the top menu for further details on the Children’s Clinic


Concessionary rates are available, so if you need treatment and can’t afford it please speak to me, or use this email link.


Unfortunately, due to difficulties with not having invoices paid and unreasonable caps on fees, I will no longer invoice insurance companies directly for treatments. If you have a health insurance whereby you pay for your treatments in advance and then claim the money from the insurance company, such as with Simply Health and Cigna for example; there is no change.

If however you are with a company like AXA or BUPA; you will have to ask them how you can claim the cost of treatment from them yourself, after you have paid me directly. I have had several patients who have done so through the AXA members portal or via email, but I cannot take any responsibilty for these payments, so please check with your insurance company first. You also need to be aware that there is a cap on how much AXA and BUPA will pay for each treatment, so you may need to make up the difference yourself (please contact to me for details). I appologise in advance for any inconvenience.