Environmental ethos

There are several things I do differently at the clinic that make us stand out. These range from very simple day to day things like what sanitising products and paper towels we use, to our choice of electricity and gas provider. If that is the sort of detail that interests you then read on. Otherwise skip to something like my Osteopathy Blog where you will find lots of handy tips and useful information…

  • I use efficient and environmentally friendly hand and surface sanitising products at the clinic, designed to be kind on your hands and the environment. These come in 5ltr containers to minimise plastic waste, and then get decanted to smaller reusable containers. The hand sanitiser is foaming, which means you need less liquid volume per use, and the surface sanitising solution comes in a concentarcted solution to minimise plastic waste (a bit like a cordial, you just add water and the 5ltr. goes a very long way)
  • All surfaces are wiped down with recycled paper towels that get composted after use; So that the only thing that routinely goes to landfill from the clinic are the surgical masks, which in time, as the risk of COVID reduces, won’t need to be used anymore…
  • The pillow covers on the treatment couch are made out of a high medical grade plastic material which is very hard wearing and easy to wipe clean. The apron I use in clinic is also wipeable and reuseable; so there are no plastic aprons or pillow covers to send off to landfill.
  • The electricity in the clinic comes from a provider that supplies 100% renewable energy from wind and solar, and the gas for the central heating is also partly from renuables (biomethane produced from rotting grass is captured and fed into the grid).
  • All the paper used at the clinic comes from 100% recycled fibres, is unbleached, and is either reused, recycled or composted after use (with any confidential material shredded first).
  • The clinic business account is held with a bank that has a customer-led ethical policy.
  • Most of the furniture at the clinic is reclaimed, and the decorating paints, waxes and flooring are all environmentally friendly.
  • The clinic is run with an ethical and environmental ethos, and concessiorany rates are offered wherever needed.
  • I live close to the clinic and walk in every day. I very rarely need to travel for work, but when I do go away on courses for example I normally take the train.
  • The clinic is located in Springhill, which is based on a Danish model of living called Co-Housing. You can find out more about Springhill Co-Housing here.

In short, I think it is important for companies and businesses to take responsibilty for their environmental and social impact, and that is something this clinic takes very seriously. If there is anything you see, or any suggestions you might have on how I can continue to improve the service we provide please do let me know.