Finding The Clinic

Nuno Bento- Osteopath, 29 Springhill, Stroud, GL5 1TN, Tel. 01453 760068

The front door of the clinic is on Springfield Road, and the treatment room  has level access onto the street. Parking during the day is usually available right in front of the clinic and there is a designated space for patients in the Springhill car park. We are conveniently located just 5 minutes walk from Stroud town centre. Due to COVID-19 there are some procedures we need to follow. Please arrive at the clinic promptly, so as to avoid any cross over with the previous patient. Ring the bell outside the clinic door, so that I may come and measure your temperature before bringing you in. I will apply a sanitising solution to your hands, or alternatively you are welcome to wash your hands with soap and water at the clinic. Here are some directions to help you find your way;

If you are walking
Walking to Nuno Bento, Osteopathic Clinic.

Go through Park Gardens (opposite the Coop Shop on Slad Road) and go to the very top right hand corner of the park (see map). As you walk onto Springfield Road at the top of the park, you will see a row of modern red brick terraced houses on your right. The entrance to the clinic is the very first door on that red brick terrace; you will see the brass plate & slate sign on the wall- Please note the front door opens onto Springfield Road, not Springhill.

If you are driving
Map to Nuno Bento, Osteopathic Clinic

As you drive out towards Slad on the Slad Road, take the first left turn (just before the small Coop Food Shop and Park Gardens). This is Birches Drive which later turns into Folly Lane; drive up the road and take the second turning on your right, onto Springfield Road; as the road veers off to the left, you want to drive straight into the Springhill Car Park. Half way down the car park, on your left you will see a car port with the clinic sign pinned to the back of the green back panel. This is the designated parking space for patients to use, and please note that all other parking in the Springhill Car Park belongs to one or other of the neighbouring houses and is therefore not for clinic use.

During the day there are normally parking spaces on Springfield Road, right in front of the clinic; so if you need level access to the clinic, or the clinic car port is busy, please park there.

After parking down here you will need to find your way back up to Springfield Road via the stairs or car park ramp, to the Clinic entrance; there is a small map on the back wall of the carport to help you find your way.

The clinic is wheelchair friendly and pushchair friendly.

Nuno Bento, Osteopath, 29 Springhill, Stroud, GL5 1TN, Tel. 01453 760068