Health, with a capital “H”.

I have just been away on one of my regular post graduate osteopathy courses, and Health, with a capital “H”, was at the heart of what we were looking at.

By using the term Heath with a capital “H”, as opposed to heath with a small “h”, we are referring to our fundamental relationship with Health. Not our day to day use of the word health in relationship to the cold we are suffering with, or the back pain that has been bothering us for weeks, or the neck problem and HA’s we have had as long as we can remember. Health with a capital “H” is our relationship with that which is fundamentally healthy in us, not the sum total of what is not. And by definition, if we are still alive and breathing there is more “right” with us than there is “wrong”.

So this is what the founder of Osteopathy, Andrew Taylor Still, was referring to when he said that “To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.” This is not only a very powerful approach to treatment, but it can also be a very empowering concept for patients who might be weighed down by chronic or debilitating conditions. Finding the “Health” can be a simple and enjoyable process for people ranging from changing our attitudes and perceptions of old ailments, to going for daily walks, giving our bodies the rest it needs and the foods it flourishes on.


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