The National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR) found that 96% of patients attending this clinic were either Very Satisfied or Satisfied with the osteopathic care they received; 93.8% of them experienced an improvement in their symptoms, of which 73% were either Completely Recovered or Much Improved. Here is the link to the full peer reviewed study that we took part in; Patient Reported Outcome Measures Study (PROM)

“There is no doubt in my mind that treatment helps to improve recovery rate when dealing with lower back pain/weakness and the resulting sciatica. My first consultation left me unsure of the technique and how effective the treatment had been- improve though it did. A year or two later, with the symptoms returning just as painfully as before I left it to ‘heal’ naturally over time. It didn’t. A further consultation and treatment had me fit and able again within two days, just as before! All pain usually dissipated within a few hours.

-Heritage Lime, Miserden.

Lower Back Pain. After 3 weeks of pain, I returned to see Nuno to try to resolve the problem (having given up on self healing!). 1/2 and hour later, my pain was virtually removed, my posture and body balance was greatly improved and my breathing was eased… A full week of skiing later, and I still feel great! Thank you Nuno.”

-Anonymous, Minsterworth.

“As Nuno had successfully treated me for shoulder and neck pain, I decided to see if he could help in any way with my long-term sleep problems; bad dreams causing me to wake with anxiety attacks. I was aware of the reason for the anxiety and had tried numerous ways of relieving it, but to no avail. However, after just one treatment with Nuno (about two months ago) I can honestly say I have experienced no problems with anxiety attacks to date.”

-SMP, Stroud.

“My ankle was very painful & stiff from an old sprain, I had seen various physios and been through different exercise programs. After seeing Nuno there was a marked improvement. The pain went and the whole ankle felt freer & it continued to improve.”

-RM, Stroud.

“Treatment has helped my son recover from a two and a half month period of illness. He was suffering with dreadful headaches. He has received four treatments and now is able to return to school and begin living his life again. Thank you very much.”

-AH, Nailsworth.

“Severe headaches following dental surgery in particular. These have now almost entirely gone and I expect will disapear with ongoing treatment. Overall more energy and quicker to bounce back following a cold. Feel ‘free’ in my bodies overall movement. Much better sense of general wellbeing.”

-Anonymous, Stroud.

Chronic Headache– Nuno has made a real impact on my symptoms and has been extremely helpful and supportive.”

-Web Designer, Cheltenham.

“Chronic pain cursed by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.The pain I suffer from without treatment is unbearable- my arm feels broken even though it is not and the pain so severe I don’t know what to do. With treatment I am able to live a normal life and can be pain free for 75% of the time.”

-Mother and Exams Officer, Painswick.

“I cannot believe that the symptoms I have been experiencing over so many months seem to have improved so quickly, only after two sessions of treatment. It has helped me to regain my confidence and zest for life… I can’t thank you enough.”

-Secretary for Primary Care Trust in the NHS.

Cervicogenic Vertigo caused me to have several weeks off work… as well as dizziness there was constant nausea, rather like travel sickness and extreme neck tension. All have improved greatly, the occurrence has lessened to almost nothing. I now feel confident that I can do tomorrow what I planned to do.”

-LB, Abbeydale.

“I went from taking painkillers throughout the day and night, and still being in the worst pain I have ever felt- to not needing any pain killers and feeling only slight pain in just one session of osteopathic treatment with Nuno.”

-LB, Haresfield.

“Wonderful osteopath. My whole family have been to Nuno for various things over the years, sore back, bumped heads… he has always been able to help us or refer us on if it is something he can not treat. Highly recommend”

-Kalihi Hardiman, Stroud.

“Nuno rescued me when I had back problems which were extremely painful. Over some weeks I had sessions and followed his plan of walking and rest. Now all my children go too. He has help my middle child deal with anxiety and both my kids love to have a treatment. I highly recommend Nuno for every kind of problem not just back problems he is really easy to talk to and the treatment is transformational.”

-Helen Best, Stroud.

“I saw Nuno as I wanted a more holistic treatment for a knee problem that had not been solved with physiotherapy. The results have come slowly but they do come! (and they last too… which is the important thing). I feel Nuno is helping me learn to inhabit my whole body better rather than just ‘fix’ one part of it.”

-Linny Gray, Stroud.

“Nuno has been a life saver. Without his gentle intervention I would not be able to work, to function. I have suffered from the debilitating effects of M.E. for 15 years; thanks to Nuno I can now lead a normal life. He keeps me on track. I cannot recommend Nuno highly enough.”

-Cathie Farthing, Nailsworth.

“Nuno is a highly professional practitioner with a wealth of experience. He is extremely kind and reassuring, especially with young people who may be anxious. His presence is calming as is the atmosphere he creates. Three of our family have had varying lengths of treatment with him and have all observed huge improvement. He has treated us for anxiety, sleep issues, neck problems and digestive issues. All these have been resolved and the experience has been one that both the children and adults have relished. Thank you Nuno”

-Tara Shaw-Jackson, Cirencester.

“Very experienced young man, no pain involved

-John Best, Brownshill.

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