Rhythm and Routine

Rhythm and routine is something that I think is at the very core of health, but can be misunderstood and have bad connotations for some people. I am talking here about daily rhythms and routines like meal times and bed times, but also the inherent rhythm in the movement of walking, swimming or cycling, as … Continue reading Rhythm and Routine


Below is an article on vaccination and the immune system. It describes the effect vaccinations have on the two different aspects of the immune system; Humoral and Cell Mediated. I found it very well written and an interesting outlook on the vaccination debate. Understanding the Immune System and Vaccination I am personally not against vaccination, … Continue reading Vaccination

Traffic light system for identifying risk of serious illness

I recently went to a Pediatric Osteopathy Conference and one of the lecturers (Dr. Jayne Donegan) showed us this chart. It is the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) 'Traffic light system for identifying risk of serious illness'. I think this chart is brilliant, I wish I had it when my children were … Continue reading Traffic light system for identifying risk of serious illness