As you drive into the Springhill Car Park you will find the designated car port about half way up on your left; with the clinic sign fixed to the green back panel. After you have parked down here, you will then need to use the stairs on either side of the studio flats above, to get back to Springfield Road (or follow the car park ramp back up to the road). There is a small map on the back wall of the car port to help you find your way.

Please note that all other parking in the Springhill Car Park belongs to one or other of the neighbouring houses and is therefore not for clinic use.

During the day there are normally parking spaces on Springfield Road, right in front of the clinic; so if you need level access to the clinic, or the clinic car port is busy, please park there.

Alternatively you can park on Birches Drive/Folly Lane as you come up from Slad Road.