Osteopathy Is For Life…

Osteopathy Is For Life

Osteopaths are very well known for treating things like Lower Back Pain. But, as I am sure many of you will know, Osteopathy is about much more than just getting us out of pain. At times, that is exactly what patients are looking for; someone to help them out of pain, and yes osteopaths are very good at doing that.

At other times, what the body needs is to get back on track. We might be feeling out of sorts, not quite right, picking up recurrent illnesses, something is keeping us from having the usual energy and vitality that we have in our prime. That is when we can see the other things that go on in an Osteopathic treatment.

During an Osteopathic treatment the body is supported and held in such a way as to allow the adrenal ‘fight and flight’ part of the nervous system (the SNS-Sympathetic Nervous System), to come into balance with the more ‘resting and regenerating’ part of the nervous system (The PSNS- Para Sympathetic Nervous System). When this happens the body is able to change in a way that it can’t otherwise do. We feel very relaxed, the blood supply, nerve supply and drainage to and from every part of the body is completely freed up. All the tissues in our body feel renewed by the vitality that ensues, and we feel whole again.

So that is why I am giving you here the Osteopathic version of the well known animal welfare slogan;    🙂 Osteopathy is for Life, not just for Lower Back Pain 🙂

Osteopathy Is For Life


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