Films About Vipassana Meditation

There are a number of films you can watch at the Dhamma Films webpage (use the arrows, right and left of the image on the above weblink, to choose the film you want to watch). These range from short inspiring introductions to Vipassana Meditation, to full feature documentaries;

DOING TIME DOING VIPASSANA– This is my all time favourite. A beautifully made feature documentary film about the transformative effect of Vipassana meditation on the inmates of one of India’s toughest jails.

THE COMPASS is a film about the meditation courses run especially for children. More information on children’s courses in the UK is available here.

In time Vipassana meditation courses started being taught in several prisons around the world, including in Britain and America, and documentary films are also available about some of these courses in America;

CHANGING FROM THE INSIDE– A documentary about male and female inmates of the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle experiencing the life changing benefits of Vipassana meditation.

DHAMMA BROTHERS, is a powerful documentary about Vipassana meditation courses set in one of America’s most violent prisons. You can watch the trailer for the film in the Dhamma Films page (linked to above), or visit to find out more about it and to buy the full length version of this film.

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