Mini Anapana Discourse

Vipassana meditation is taught in the form of 10 day courses. You can find out more by reading my post on Vipassana Meditation or by visiting the Dhamma Dipa website.

There is a short discourse that SN Goenka made for people who for whatever reason feel they can’t take the time to do a full 10 day course at the moment. It is available, at the end of this informative page about Anapana Meditation, as a 70 minute series of audio clips, or in a condensed version as a 20 minute video clip. In it Goenkaji teaches you to practice Anapana Meditation in what he affectionately calls the Kindergarten of Vipassana. It is  SN Goenka’s Mini Anapana Discourse and you can listen to it by following this link (scroll to the bottom of the page for the audio and video clips).

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