Children’s Clinic


I believe periodic treatment of all children is beneficial in maintaining healthy growth and development.

The Children’s clinic is here to offer specialised and affordable treatment for children from birth through their growth and development up to the age of sixteen, and to parents during and after pregnancy.

Treatment for Children, and During Pregnancy, is provided at a reduced cost to encourage patients to come in and enjoy the benefits at these important and dynamic times.

The cranial approach to treatment is very gentle, effective and ideally suited to caring for children, pregnant and post natal women.


The clinic has an informal, child-friendly atmosphere with toys and books available. For further information please come in to see my range of leaflets.

The children’s clinic is run together with my normal clinic. The same hours and clinic room is used; the only difference is the concessionary rate. Please choose a ‘Child Appointment’ when booking.

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What to expect during your visit

First a case history is taken where you will be asked in detail about the pregnancy and birth, as appropriate.

Children are treated whilst they play on the floor, sit on a parent’s lap with a story, or lying on the treatment couch. I will gently place my hands on one or more parts of the  body.


It is often helpful for parents to bring in a favourite toy or book, a copy of the child’s birth notes and red book (if you have them).

If there is any sensitive information you would prefer not to discuss in front of your child you may either write it on a piece of paper for me; speak to me on the phone/via email before you come in; or choose to do the case history with me on a separate occasion before you bring your child in for treatment (please call me when booking your appointment to arrange this). The latter option is often best for young children who can understand what is being said.

Park Gardens is just next door and has a lovely little play park for the younger ones to run around before or after the treatment.