Clinic HoursNuno on the telephone

MONDAY              9AM to 5PM

TUESDAY              11AM to 7PM

WEDNESDAY       9AM to 5PM

THURSDAY           2PM to 8PM

FRIDAY                 9AM to 1PM



Cost of TreatmentNuno- Card Payments


  • FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS, £45 (30-45mins)
  • FIRST APPOINTMENT, £55  (60-90min.)


  • FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS, £41 (30-45min.)
  • FIRST APPOINTMENT, £50 (60-90min.)



Osteopathy- Case HistoryFirst Appointment Information

The first appointment is between 60 to 90 minutes long. A case history is taken where you will be asked about your presenting complaint, your medical history, any accidents or stresses you may have had over the years…



Online diaryOnlineDiaryPic

Make, check and change appointments online…



Privacy Notice

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