Osteopathy Links

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle and refined form of osteopathic treatment which is ideally suited to treating all patients from birth to old age.

The Sutherland Cranial College    www.scco.ac

Biodynamic Osteopathy    www.jamesjealous.com

The European School of Osteopathy    www.eso.ac.uk

The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy    www.fpo.org.uk

The General Osteopathic Council    www.osteopathy.org.uk

The Institute of Osteopathy    www.iosteopathy.org

Mike Boxhall   www.stillness.co.uk, www.theemptychairteachingfoundation.com

Staple Hill Dental Practice, in Bristol, Dr. Jaimie- excellent dentist, very knowledgeable and wholistic approach. Closest place to Stroud that I have found for a non-extraction approach to Orthodontics, including the Myobrace (note, they like to get them in early, from 5 years onwards and before they are 15 years old);     http://staplehilldentalpractice.net/

Myobrace– A Myofunctional approach to Orthodontics. “Treat the causes of crooked teeth without using braces”    http://www.myobrace.com/en-au

Vipassana Meditation UK, the combined website for the Herefordshire (Dhamma Dipa) and and Suffolk (Dhamma Sukhakāri) centres,    https://www.uk.dhamma.org/

Vipassana Research Institute– What is Anapana? (including two Anapana Meditation For All audio/video clips, at the bottom of the page- where you can get a taste for meditation and start practicing at home daily);        http://www.vridhamma.org/What-is-Anapana

Dhamma Films– Scroll down at the bottom of the image for a series of films about Vipassana Meditation (ranging from short films about practicing Vipassana to the classic Doing Time Doing Vipassana, a beautifully made feature documentary film about the transformative effect of Vipassana meditation on the inmates of one of India’s toughest jails);        https://www.uk.dhamma.org/more/dhamma-films/

Mini Anapana Meditation Instructions in Portuguese- https://www.dhamma.org/pt-BR/about/mini_anapana